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Custom Retail Display Fixtures

Valued by Global Retailers for Quality, Management and Price! 

What We Do!

Custom Retail Displays

  • Full operation in China for Retail Displays, Rollouts and Flagship Stores

  • Low Cost for Standard Displays through to High End Displays

  • Quality Displays because We Make Sure of it!

Manage the Process from Design to Installation

  • We work with your Design Team or use Our Design Team

  • We become part of Your Operation so you can focus on the big picture

  • Professional Installation Crews nation wide including Airports

From initial design specs to the moment your new display is revealed, we oversee the entire process. Each step is carefully monitored to ensure project continuity, on budget and on time. 

Manage Logistics Locally, Nationally and Globally

  • Full Logistic Management from Factory to your Stores

  • We plan logistics before the displays are even made

  • Rollouts or Full Stores, we make it efficient

Wherever your expansion plans take you, we can tailor a logistics program that works with you.  The facilities in China allow the creation of drop ship plans to wherever your sites are in the world. Create a store-in-a-box plan where every element of your store is collated and shipped to site directly. 

Help Establish Your Store Development Program

  • Do you need to Reduce your Store Development Costs?

  • Do you need a Better Program so you can grab Site Opportunities?

  • Do you need a Reliable Partner for your Store Development?

We can assist you to establish a National or Global Store Development Plan. With over 15 years working in China in the Retail Store Fixture industry, and the establishment and management of both Chinese and Western companies, our knowledge and experience is second to none.  We can assist you to create the structures and processes required for a robust, cost efficient Store Development Plan.

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25 years experience, low cost, high quality

- Customised displays for your brand

- Kiosks of all styles and sizes 

- Full retail stores 

We build Display Showcases, Jewellery Cabinets, Nesting Tables, Display Furniture, Wall Cabinets, Gondolas, Signage, LED Video Displays and all bespoke displays required in any retail environment. 

You can choose from a large variety of materials as we have the skills and machinery to create high quality, spectacularly beautiful retail display fixtures to show off your products.

Quality by Experienced Craftsmen

Quality of communication leads to lower costs and beautiful outcomes!

Where We Shine!

High Value for all Budgets

Overhead is kept low so there is no need for high prices. By planning each project thoroughly there is minimal deviation to production and therefore costs are contained.  Small, low budget projects, and high end flagship stores all receive the same atention to detail to create high quality Retail Display Fixtures. 

Outstanding Finishes

  • Laminates are mitred so there are no more dark edges.

  • Painted finishes like 2 Pac have various grades of hardness so there are no more scratches.

  • Antique or weathered finishes are achieved through skills and knowledge from talented craftsmen.

  • Metal plated finishes have a variety of colours and textures to suit your design - Gold, Brass or Mirror Chrome can be achieved with special vacuum plating equipment.

Ultra Creative Designs

Unique and specialised equipment allows flexibility of construction methods to produce designs that excite retail designers.  

  • V cutting allows for sharp 90 degree bends in sheet metal.

  • Water jet equipment cuts through glass like butter with precise accuracy.

  • Laser cutting and CNC allow for intricate patterns.  

Flagship Store or Rollouts - 7 Factories Do It All

With 7 factories specialising in the needs of retailers,  you can be assured that your project can be accommodated. Whether you are looking for mass production of joinery, metal, glass or a combination, a flagship store or one off masterpiece our facilities are ready.  

  • The flagship factory has engineer craftsmen who can build unique displays with pride.  

  • The mass production factories are designed with process quality as the foundation so every piece is made with accuracy.

  • The specialist finishing factories work together with the construction factories to ensure the perfect finish.

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Fine Detail

Elegant Finishes

New to Old

Global Brands

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