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History and Experience

Red Box Displays is led by John Fuller.  John has spent most of his extensive career in the retail equipment industry. His specialty is supplying everything from widgets, VM, displays, complex bespoke designs to full store equipment for small retailers to the very large including Walmart, Wesfarmers group, Myer and more. 


He specialises in working between western retailers and Chinese factories. Having spent the past 20 years perfecting his strategies and techniques, during this time, he has established a Chinese company and managed a strong team of engineers and logistics personnel. This extensive network implements strategies to support the growth of clients both in their home countries as well as for their global growth. 

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John was instrumental in establishing the Store in a Box program for Walmart which cut logistics costs considerably by re-engineering supply factories in China from producing and supplying en mass which needed high cost Distribution Centres (DC) downstream to producing and packing containers that go direct to store, avoiding DCs.  This process has been successfully implemented by many retailers since then to support their national and global growth including H&M, Uniqlo, Gap, Lorna Jane, Adidas, PAS Group and more.  

Red Box Displays was established to solve the need of retailers to easily replicate their stores through a streamlined Store Development Program. The systems and structures have been developed to allow Red Box Displays to rapidly implement retailer store development, while making each expansion model easily duplicable.


Red Box Displays has in place strategic plans, detailed processes, and systems and management strategies for retailers to:

  • Prepare for China production

  • Manage a low cost logistics strategy

  • Manage inventory effectively, including using evolution strategies for new product development

  • Manage the retail store Fit Out Process that uses trained installers or training existing shop fitters in the ways these specialised construction methods are more expertly installed for reduced fitout costs

Lorna Jane Store in USA

A common problem for retailers is in the duplication process.  It is cumbersome, costly and forever a Brand Management nightmare.  Using tailored systems and strategies, the Store Development model becomes easily duplicated.  Our systems and processes allow the retailer to concentrate on the front end of their business gaining franchisees, opening new markets and reducing operational costs by a streamlined store development program.


Red Box Displays reduce direct costs by using the same excellent factories that the world’s leading retailers use including Uniqlo, H&M, Gap, Kate Spade and others.  This means our capabilities are extensive, offering a large variety of materials and finishes of extraordinary quality. Our skilled workers and engineers know how to create beautiful efficiencies. 

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