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China Operations

The Red Box Displays China Operation encompasses 7 major factories that work together to produce the outcomes we manage for the Retail Industry.  Overseeing the production is our Project Management and Engineering team who implement and manage the Systems and Processes that ensure the operation runs smooth and each component of the project is connected to the next.  






  • Mass Production

  • Flagship Production

  • Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Fabric, Glass etc

  • LED Video Displays

  • LCD TVs

  • LED Lighting

  • Floor Planks - Vinyl, Timber

  • Finishes including Plating, PVD, Textured etc

Assembly 1.jpg

Quality of Communication leads the way when it comes to managing complex projects.  We use unique processes to collate details and feedback looping to ensure full understanding. This ensures each step is fully understood allowing us to use parallel processing to gain efficiencies and crossover communication processes so all stakeholders in the project are fully involved.  

These days Retail Displays are complex and most often have several materials, finishes and digital components that are incorporated.  No one factory anywhere in China specialises across all these components that make up the modern retail store.  Having an operation that incorporates the best factories and skilled labour is vital, however this is not enough.


Red Box Displays overlays all the factories with a project management system that each factory plugs into supporting each other sharing information.  The project design and engineering through this system control the production allowing for continuity of the project and communication giving the desired outcomes needed.  Red Box Displays' systems are established right through the production so control and quality of the project is assured.

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